The Top Vivid Sydney Light Installations you can’t miss

Vivid Sydney is in full swing, and with less than 2 weeks to go until it wraps up for another year, it’s time to tick all the must-see installations from your list. Luckily for you, we’ve put our favourites together so you know what not to miss:

1. Audio Creatures at the Opera House:

this one will be a difficult one to miss: The Opera House sails have been lit up with hypnotic depictions of animals, plant life and the marine world. You can see it from all over the harbour but, in our opinion, you won’t get a better view than from the summit of the Bridge!

2. Dreamscape at Circular Quay:

It’s the world’s largest interactive lighting display, linking the entire Quay precinct from the Sydney Opera House to the Sydney Harbour Bridge into one cohesive ‘line of light’. The best thing about this incredible installation? It’s interactive! In Circular Quay there’s a big Perspex dome with a 3D model of the city skyline – all you need to do is touch the model to change the colours and patterns across the buildings and the Bridge!

Vivid Sydney Opera House

3. Magicians of the mist at Darling Harbour:

this water-meets-light installation throws 28 tonnes of water into the air every minute, which is used as a screen to project the stories of three scientific pioneers. It totally looks like magic!

4. Urban Tree 2.0 at Martin Place:

If the food market in Martin Place wasn’t enough, the Mushroom Building has again been transformed into a magic tree. This year, Urban Tree 2.0 takes you into an exotic forest, where a giant glowing frog is trying to catch a hiding caterpillar.

5. Trapdoor at Barangaroo:

The Barangaroo precinct is taking part in Vivid for the first time, and they’re hosting a pretty cool installation. Be careful where you step, because a group of Sydney-based artists have created an optical illusion that makes it look like the ground is opening up below you, revealing a pretty scary subterranean world.


There’s many vantage points to enjoy Vivid Sydney, but none quite as spectacular as the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you want to be part of the installation, wearing a flashing yellow vest as you ascend the arches to dance on a 70s style dancefloor at the summit, check our Vivid Climb. Available every night until the 17th of June.

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