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The gantry
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Your Arival

1. Your arrival

Welcome to BridgeClimb - your Bridge adventure starts as soon as you step through our door. Start your journey here by exploring our Climb Base.

Front desk

Visit our friendly front desk team with your Reservation ID to check-in for your Climb (remember to arrive 15 minutes in advance of your departure time). Our team will also conduct a quick health & safety assessment to ensure you’re ready to go (remember, "Don't drink and climb"). If you’re concerned about your ability to climb safely, please read Pre-Climb Checklist or contact our team for advice.

The tunnel
Pre-climb Prep

2. Pre-climb prep

We equip you with all the outdoor gear you’ll need for your Climb based on the day’s weather conditions and our health & safety essentials.

All you need to bring with you on the day is your sunglasses, enclosed comfortable shoes and a sense of adventure – we’ll provide the rest!

Read the Pre-Climb Checklist

The Climb

3. The climb

With your Climb Leader as your guide, step by step you’ll ascend the arches of the Bridge and enjoy the iconic views of Sydney, situated in one of the most beautiful harbours on earth.

Throughout your Climb, your Climb Leader will entertain you with stories about the history of the Bridge. From its construction, to its opening in 1932, right through to its place in day to day local celebrations.

Meet some of our Climb Leaders:

The Summit

4. The summit

If you choose BridgeClimb, BridgeClimb Express or BridgeClimb Mandarin, you reach the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 134m above sea level, right in the heart of Sydney Harbour for an uninterrupted panorama of the city and surrounds.

Whilst at the top, you’ll soak up the world around you while your Climb Leader captures your photo.

Get a taste of the top with this quick video:


5. Photos

For safety reasons, you can’t carry anything with you on the Bridge. We provide secure lockers for you to keep your things in, including phones and cameras, whilst you're on the Bridge. Our Climb Leaders will capture photos of you during your Climb.

Every ticket to the top includes a Climb Group Photograph, a Certificate of Achievement, a BridgeClimb Cap and free entry to the Pylon Lookout. If you'd like to purchase additional photos, you can do so when you book your ticket or after your Climb.

6. The shop

Want to take home a special keepsake from your Climb? From crocodile jerky to a BridgeClimb hoodie - our shop is carefully curated with Bridge-tastic souvenirs for you to choose from.

Visit our Shop

The cinema
Visitor Centre

7. Visitor Centre & Cinema

While you’re here, check out our Visitor Centre in our Climb Base to learn more about the history, preservation and celebration of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Located at 3 Cumberland Street in the BridgeClimb Climb Base, the centre includes a Bridge Exhibition and Bridge Cinema and is available to hire for large group events.

Find out more about Booking A Group

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