Year 7-8 Science School Excursion Climb

We have developed a customised excursion product for Stage 4/Year 7 – 8 Science students centred on the topic areas of Forces, Expansion/Contraction and Corrosion, as per the Physical and Chemical World sections of the curriculum (CW4).

School Excursion Inclusions:

  • 30 minute session in our private cinema featuring a 10 minute clip on the key subject area (includes animations and interviews shot on the Bridge showcasing the theory taking place in real life)
  • 2-3 hour Climb on the Bridge led by our professional Climb Leaders with customised commentary focused around the key subject areas
  • 30 minute de brief session in the cinema where students complete an Activity Sheet
  • Additional take away activities for the classroom

Science Content Covered:


  1. We define Tension (T) and Compression (C) and relate it to the context of bridge design
  2. We explain the various points of (T) and (C) on the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  3. We explore bridge design and how it is used to control (T) and (C), with various designs covered, including beam, cable stayed and single span arch bridges


  1. We look at metal in the context of corrosion and we explore the impact of oxygen and moisture on metal in creating corrosion, or rust
  2. We explore how and where rust in happening on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the measurements undertaken to control/limit this corrosion
  3. We showcase some innovations that are taking place on the Bridge to control corrosion

Contraction and Expansion

  1. We explore the impact of heat in creating energy and its impact on a particles’ movement
  2. We look at how engineers have allowed for contraction and expansion on the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  3. We explain the impacts that contraction and expansion has on the Bridge
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Here’s an excerpt of the video:

Climb facts:

  • Various Climb types are available to you and range from 2.25 – 3.5 hours.
  • Speak to our team to discuss the best option for you.

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