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The Inspiration

In 1989 Paul Cave was involved in organising a climb over the arch of Sydney Harbour Bridge as part of an international business convention. It was such a success that the dream of making climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge a possibility for all was born.

The Sentimental Value


The Sydney Harbour Bridge is particularly special to Paul because his late father-in-law, then a teenager, lined up for two days from the 19th March 1932, the day the Bridge was opened, and purchased the first rail ticket sold to the public crossing the bridge on 20th March 1932 – ticket number 00001, from Wynyard to Milson’s Point Station.

Having inherited this rail ticket, no doubt he will never forget the significance of this ticket, or indeed the journey it has subsequently taken him on.

The Challenge

Paul’s dream was to involve subsequent years of dealing with dozens of organisations, as well as state and local government bodies, community groups and hundreds of experts on everything from safety and logistics, to media, heritage and conservation issues. There were occasions when indeed Paul Cave was the only one who never let go of the dream of BridgeClimb becoming a reality. His vision, commitment, persistence and entrepreneurial skills were fundamental to BridgeClimb’s creation.

The Achievements – Paul Cave

Approved_Paul_Cave_profile_photoOn June 14th, 2010, Paul was cited in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. Named a Member of the Order of Australia (AM), with his citation describing his service to the Community, as a support er of a range of Health, Sporting and Charitable Organisations.In 2001, Paul received the Ernst & Young “National Entrepreneur of the Year” award for the “Business, Finance, Property and Services Tourism” category. In 2002, Paul was acknowledged with the National Australian Export Heroes Award.

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