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Face Your Fear

Challenge yourself on the Sydney Harbour Bridge with us

Have you ever looked up at the Sydney Harbour Bridge and marvelled at her beauty?
Have you imagined what an incredible view the groups of tiny blue and grey climbers must be sharing?
And does the thought of being one of them have you break out into a cold sweat?

Perhaps there is a special someone or occasion you’ve always wanted to climb for. A family member turning 10, an anniversary celebration or a dedication to a loved one. For many, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a life-time goal, an international Bucket List experience that a fear of heights has thwarted. You’re not alone.

Is a fear of heights holding you back?

Acrophobia is a common fear. In fact many of our 3.2 million Climbers came to us with nerves, not yet certain if they could muster the courage to set foot on the iconic steel arches.

We’re here to support you before during and after your BridgeClimb. We will answer questions, demonstrate just how safe BridgeClimb is, keep your mind engaged and your eyes on the prize.

We love and share in the pride in our Climbers who Face their Fear. Is your pulse racing at the thought? Don’t underestimate yourself. With support from us and from loved ones you’d be surprise what you can do!

So, what’s new?

We’ve been doing this for 16 years and now we want to introduce you to the ultimate Face Your fear toolkit:

  • Gemma Cribb. B Psych (hons), M Psychol (Clin). Clinical Psychologist, Equilibrium Psychology, is on board to provide additional expertise, hints and tips.
  • Some of our Climb Leaders are officially taking on the role of Face Your Fear Ambassadors.
  • We’ve also launched BridgeClimb Sampler, a shorter and economical taste of the iconic BridgeClimb. Ascending to the halfway point, it’s a perfect first climb for nervous Climbers.

Challenge yourself. You can do it! And we’ll go through it with you!

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