Anzac Day Dawn Service

Raising money for Wandering Warriors

Partnering with Wandering Warriors, we are offering an exclusive Anzac Day Dawn Service at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on 25 April. This event will honour and remember our fallen servicemen and women with all profits from the Climb donated to Wandering Warriors.

Under a blanket of darkness whilst the city is still asleep, Climbers will ascend the great arches of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to take their place at the summit for the Dawn Service.

The Dawn Service will be conducted by Wandering Warriors and BridgeClimb and it will give participants the opportunity to remember and reflect on this important day in Australia and New Zealand’s history, including experiencing a rendition of The Last Post performed by a bugler from Blinky Bill.

All profits from the experience will be donated to Wandering Warriors, whose important work supports our current and returned service men and women.

BridgeClimb Anzac Day Dawn Climb

About Wandering Warriors:

In the past two decades, the operational tempo has been unrelenting with SAS, Commando Regiments and other Special Force units being sent on multiple deployments. The relentless cycle of training, deployments and separation from families has placed extraordinary demands on these soldiers and their families. Those demands have come at a great cost with half of Australia’s battle deaths, and a large portion of the wounded, coming from these elite special force units. But the cost is not always immediate and not always obvious.

Wandering Warriors is a veteran’s charity focused on supporting those that have served in Australian special operations units, their families, and where practicable, extending that care to the wider veteran community.

Through core programs of Education, Employment, Mentoring, Respite and creating Awareness, Wandering Warriors seeks to enable successful transitions from service life, create opportunities for personal and professional development and ensure veterans are well connected.

Climb Facts:

  • 3 ½ – 4 hour Climb experience. Max. 14 people per group.
  • 1,332 steps.
  • You will ascend via the eastern and western arches (this will vary for each Climb group) and will experience an Anzac Day Service at the top of the Bridge.
  • You Anzac Day Climb includes 2 photos
  • Departures between 4 and 5 am
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